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The Fundamental List

Andy Stanley and Joel Thomas
May-Jun 2023

With so many denominations and opinions on what it means to be a Christian, it can be difficult to determine what is fundamental to the...

This Is The Way

Samer Massad
Apr 2023

Following Jesus isn’t less than belief—it’s certainly more. So, what does it mean to follow in the way of Jesus, really? We’ll redefine...

Easter with Woodstock City

Samer Massad
Apr 09, 2023

The improbable conversion of one of the most influential Jesus followers the world has ever seen shows us the power and the historical...

Christmas with Woodstock City: Divine Condescension

Samer Massad
Dec 24, 2022

The movement of Jesus is always to and toward people. Christmas reminds us of the staggering lengths Jesus went to be with us.


Alysia Dicks, Elaine Scott, Matt Hayes
Nov 2022

Life is full of conversations—dialogues with yourself, others, or even God. In this series, we’ll look at the three different dialogues...