Getting connected has never been easier.

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Experience for yourself why life is better connected.

Finding people you like who also make you better can be hard. 
Groups give us the opportunity to pursue authentic relationships and spiritual growth. A typical group has 8-12 individuals or 6-7 couples and meets three times a month for about a year or more. 

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Groups for Everyone

Men's Groups

  • Just Grad
  • Various Seasons of Life
  • Morning Groups
  • Evening Groups
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Women's Groups

  • Just Grad
  • Singles Only
  • Various Seasons of Life
  • Morning, Daytime, and Evening Groups
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Married Couples' Groups

  • Just Married
  • Married With Children
  • Married Without Children
  • Empty Nesters
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Explore Faith

If you're curious about faith, a Starting Point group might be right for you.

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