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Helping You Navigate Life and Faith

Life is too tough to face alone. 

You want to live life confident that you are moving in the right direction. As you face challenges in life, you may find yourself saying, “I can't do this on my own.” And, you are right.

There is a better way forward. The guidance offered by our Care & Support team will provide you with a plan and the confidence needed to move forward in life. At Woodstock City Church, we offer guidance to help you:

  • Prepare for marriage.
  • Challenge your negative ways of thinking.
  • Discover freedom in forgiveness.
  • Grieve the loss of a loved one.
  • Experience financial freedom.
  • Process separation or divorce.
  • Connect with a professional counselor.

To request Care & Support:

  1. Complete the form on this page to hear from a team member.
  2. Allow our team to suggest your best next step.
  3. Discover the information and encouragement you need to move forward.


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Focus Mentoring

The Focus Mentoring experience is a one-on-one program designed to help you take steps forward during challenging circumstances. The intention is that, through the mentoring process, you will be able to assess your needs and be guided into healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual practices. 

The session content is intentionally brief and is meant to spark self-reflection that will lead to helpful conversations. The hope is that the mentor’s compassionate and thoughtful interactions will grow your trust in your heavenly Father and improve your ability to cope with your current situations.

A personal faith story is not a requirement for Focus Mentoring, but if you are open to faith conversations and willing to explore what God might have to say about what you're facing, this will be encouraging and beneficial.

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Preparing for Marriage

Great marriages don’t just happen.

An important part of having a great marriage is preparation. Two to One is designed to help prepare engaged couples for strong, lasting marriages based on biblical principles.

Two to One pairs engaged couples with trained mentor couples for eight mentoring sessions over two to three months. Volunteer mentors are Christian couples that have been married five years or more and demonstrate maturity in their relationship with God and wisdom in their marriage.

A structured curriculum provides excellent preparation in areas key to a successful marriage: communication, conflict resolution, finances, intimacy, and family. The cost of Two to One is $170 per couple, which includes all materials and assessment tools.

Two to One Frequently Asked Questions

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Managing Finances

Navigating the stress of financial strain.

Someone to guide you to a better financial future. We know that managing money can be stressful. Whether you're facing financial strain or you're ready to start managing your money better, we offer guidance so you can experience a better financial future.

Volunteer mentors lead groups or meet in one-on-one sessions to discuss getting out of debt, spending and saving wisely, and creating margin to give generously. Our financial mentors will help you gain confidence in managing your money and guide you to a better financial future.


MoneyWise Frequently Asked Questions

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Connecting Life & Faith

Life takes on an amazing new normal when our faith in God is integrated into how we live our lives.

By working one-on-one with a mentor who is a little further down the road in their faith, you will be able to focus on your specific challenges and learn from your mentor, who has navigated similar challenges in their own life.

Learn more about how God loves and accepts you just the way you are and desires for you to experience freedom in forgiveness.

Discover how true freedom is found when we allow God to empower us to live the lives he intends us to live.

Re:new Frequently Asked Questions

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Restore Mentoring

Finding peace in the midst of grief.

Living with grief is not a journey anyone chooses. It can be painful, difficult, and life altering. Whether your loss is recent or in the past, the grieving process can feel overwhelming.

Our trained volunteer mentors, who have experienced loss, can offer guidance, support, and encouragement as you navigate this season. You'll discover what to expect and how to cope with all the changes in your life.

Together, you will explore questions such as:

  • How do I move forward without my loved one?
  • What do I do with the different emotions I’m experiencing?
  • Is it okay to be angry with God?
  • Am I taking too long to grieve?

Restore Frequently Asked Questions

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Support Through Separation & Divorce 

We know marriage difficulties are painful. Whether you're facing a separation or divorce, we offer small groups led by experienced mentors who can guide you toward healing and peace.

When you join an Oasis Group, you will receive support from people going through similar challenges, have a chance to process the emotions, and make wise decisions as you navigate this new normal.

Oasis Frequently Asked Questions.

parent connect

A Community for Parents of LGBTQ+ Children

Parents of LGBTQ+ children often feel isolated and ill-equipped. We can connect you with other parents for support and equip you to love your child well.

Parent Connect Groups
In this mentor-led group setting, you’ll discuss faith, grief, purpose, and other topics that you navigate as a parent of an LGBTQ+ child.

Parent Connect Events
Our groups come together at Parent Connect events for a time of food, teaching on relevant LGBTQ+ topics, group discussion and Q&A.

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Professional Counseling

Connecting you to a trusted professional. Nobody’s life is perfect. Life is full of ups, downs, and transitions. Most of the time, we can lean on friends or family members for the support we need. However, as problems become more complex, sometimes we need the guidance of a professional. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, facing a transition, or just want wise counsel, we can connect you with a professional who can help. Each counselor, therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist we recommend has been carefully screened for their professional expertise, quality of care, and values.

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Pastoral Care

We cannot avoid moments of crisis in life, but we can support and love one another through them. If you have experienced a crisis, such as a death in your family, and need to talk with a staff member today, please call 678-892-5911 for assistance. A staff member will be glad to connect with you to see how we can be helpful to you or your family.

Still have questions? Talk to a staff member.