Serving with Waumba Land

Volunteers make Waumba Land possible

Waumba volunteer and toddler

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Our volunteers show up and work together in unique roles to create a loving environment for babies through preschoolers. Waumba Land could not exist without the leadership and expertise of our volunteers.

Waumba Land volunteer with toddlers

Small Group Leaders

Small Group Leader
A Small Group Leader is responsible for connecting relationally with a group of 8-10 preschoolers and their families. They serve on a team with other Small Group Leaders within the classroom to prepare small group activities, establish a familiar schedule, and make sure that the needs of each child are met.

A buddy is a Small Group Leader who connects relationally to a child who needs one-on-one support within the classroom setting.

large group

Large Group Volunteers

Worship Team
The Worship Team leads preschoolers in interactive worship in the classroom and in our large group environment.

Bible Storyteller
Bible Storytellers present the Bible story in an engaging, creative way to the children in our large group environment.

The host helps capture the attention of the children and make transitions between worship and the Bible story.

Tech Team
Tech Team volunteers are responsible for technical support for our large group environment, which includes audio, video, and lights.

Guest Services volunteer greeting mom and son

Guest Services Volunteers

Guest Services Team
Guest Services volunteers help create a family’s first impression of Waumba Land. These volunteers work in one of several roles including greeter, guest registration, and guest hosts.

Other Family Environments