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InsideOut is a movement of students inspired to follow Jesus together. It's a family, and this family is for everyone. 

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We miss being with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on being with us!

Small Group Together

You’ll be able to join your regular small group in a “virtual small group room” or your leader may plan on doing an InsideOutside group. Together you can discuss life, friendship, and the IO content. Ask your small group leader how you can stay connected. If you need assitance joining a group email us.

Our Latest Series || Tell Me More

Tell Me More- Pt 1
IO Series- Tell Me More listening to other people's perspective

Matt and Marquise Talk Racial Diversity and Intentionality

In Part 1 of this new series, Tell Me More, Matt's joined by Marquise Cox, the Director of NorthPoint InsideOut. Not only is Q's story captivating, but his perspective on racial diversity within the church and as the church is so needed in this time.

How can you fight for racial diversity when diversity may not be very prominent around you? It doesn't happen accidentally; it takes intentionality. And it starts here.

Here's how EVERYONE can fight for racial diversity:

1. Befriend the Minority
2. Believe Their Stories
3. Fight FOR Them (Even When They're Not in the Room)

Tell Me More- Pt 2
IO Series- Tell Me More listening to other people's perspective

Chelsea and Emma Morris Talk Difficulty and Waiting

Chelsea's joined by Emma Morris, a rising Junior at Sequoya High School in Canton, GA.

Emma's been facing some giants in her life, but the difficult circumstances around her haven't changed what's true about her and within her. Rather than her circumstances wrecking her faith, they've strengthened it.

How do you navigate waiting well, especially when it's the difficult type?

Tell Me More- Pt 3
IO Series- Tell Me More listening to other people's perspective

Matt and Abby Henry Talk Public and Private Worship

In Part 3, Matt’s joined by Abby Henry, one of our worship leaders at Woodstock City and InsideOut. You may have seen or heard Abby before on stage, but she shares what happens off stage to prepare her for those moments.

So often we consider worship something done alongside other people, or in a room with someone leading, but Abby shares how it’s far more personal than it is public.

What daily rhythms can you establish to engage in worship while we’re not in the room together?

Tell Me More- Pt 4
IO Series- Tell Me More listening to other people's perspective

Chelsea and Scott Kitchen Talk Learning From Loss

In Part 4, Chelsea's joined by one of our staff members, Scott Kitchen. As the Production Director for InsideOut, Scott creates our worship environments, leads our band and helps create every experience at IO.

Tragedy and difficulty came into his life as a Senior in high school, which shaped his story years later. Wisdom comes from experience, and it can elevate empathy...but you have to choose that path.

How can you look to your past to know how to live better in the future?

Tell Me More- Pt 5
IO Series- Tell Me More listening to other people's perspective

Steven Castardi & Greg Goad Talk Overcoming Addiction

In Part 5, Steve Castardi, the Guys' Groups Director for WCIO, is joined by one of our strongest small group leaders, Greg Goad to discuss the mirage of control.

It may seem like tightening your grip of control when things get out of hand is our best option, but it may lead to further trouble. Greg's story features a lot of addiction and abuse, but he's overcome those things to be a servant leader that is now helping others.

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