Next Steps

Ready to take another step? Choose your adventure and see where the journey takes you!

Two female globalx missionaries posing together

Lead a global(×) Journey

You’ve been on a global(x) journey, so you know the drill. You’ll guide other journey participants through the process, develop your leadership skills, and impact those on their own faith journey. It's your chance to inspire, empower, and make a difference on a whole new level.

young woman coloring with children on a mission trip

Launch into Long-Term Missions

Do you feel like God is moving you toward long-term missions? If you have a heart for serving others and sharing the gospel around the world, there’s an adventure waiting for you. From busy cities to remote villages, you'll make a lasting impact and experience God's love in new ways.

bags of supply kits

Volunteer Locally

Bring the global spirit home by serving with a local partner who shares the same passion as your global(x) team. It's a fantastic way to keep the momentum going and make a difference right in your own backyard!

waumba land volunteers walking preschoolers through the hallways of waumba

Jump Into Church Life

Get involved at your church campus and make Sundays even more special! Whether it's nurturing little hearts in Waumba Land, inspiring young minds in UpStreet, guiding teens in InsideOut, or offering a warm welcome in Guest Services, there's a place for you to shine.

community group meeting

Join a Group

Join a community group and find your tribe! Enjoy genuine connections, lasting friendships, and that awesome feeling of belonging. This crew will be there through every step of your faith journey. 

Kids dancing at outdoor party

Give Generously

Fuel the mission! By donating regularly to the church, you’re supporting not only local ministries but also other global(×) initiatives. Your generosity helps create a ripple effect of love and kindness around the world.