You Do You?

A message series from Woodstock City Church

Celebrate Communion at Home

Learn more about why and how to celebrate communion at home!
Video about what communion is and how to do it at home.


What you need:

If you joined us in person on Sunday, you received a bag with the elements.

If not, gather bread, a bagel, a cracker, or something else to eat. You will also need a drink- water or juice are great options. 

What to do:
Watch the video and follow along.

Elaine and Jared will walk you through the process and explain why we celebrate. You can celebrate communion on your own, with your family, or with a group. 

Elements of communion. bread and wine
Bible verse 1 corinthians 11:23-25

You Do You? Part 3 Resources

Part 3: To Whom Will You Go?

Part 3: To Whom Will You Go?

It’s so easy to like Jesus. After all, he has a lot to give us. But if liking Jesus keeps us from following Jesus, we miss out on the real purpose of his presence. Salvation is free; it costs you nothing. Following Jesus will cost you something. Refusing to follow Jesus will cost you...


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Part 2: Why Do You Think You Are?

Part 2: Why Do You Think You Are?

Self-discovery is a worthwhile pursuit. After all, we are made unique. Discovering the depths of our uniqueness is a good thing, but if self-discovery leads to self-focus, our self-fulfillment greatly suffers. It’s a good thing the Apostle Paul gives us an alternative.


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Gifts Assessment - Find the assessment that's best for you.

Gifts Assessment

Watch the video and answer the questions on a printout at home. It will take approximately 14 minutes. You will calculate your own totals and use the guide to learn more about your results.

Hands reaching. Spiritual gifts assessment

Gifts Test

This gifts assessment by is a simple resource and will only take you 8-10 minutes to complete.

Your answers are automatically calculated and the result will list your 5 most prominent spiritual gifts along with Scripture and an explanation regarding those gifts. You will be asked for your name and email address. 


This test and ministry is not affiliated with Woodstock City Church. 

Wired to serve spiritual gifts assessment

Wired to Serve Assessment

This assessment is by, a North Point Ministries project.

It will take you aproximately 5 minutes to complete and will explain your top 6 or so strengths and then offer ideas of how to serve in the church with those gifts.

Scroll to the bottom of your results page to learn more about your results. 




You Do You? Part 1

Part 1: Almighty Me

Part 1: Almighty Me

One mantra of our culture is “be true to you.” You do you.
What seems like the most authentic thing to do, however, can come at a steep cost.

In a story told by Luke, Jesus confronts a close friend—and he doesn’t suggest she listen to her heart.


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