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It's a Mega Awesome Costume Party!

We are throwing a MEGA AWESOME COSTUME PARTY on Sunday, October 31!

Have your kids dress in their favorite, not-so-scary costumes and invite their friends for a party with their small group during their regular UpStreet hour.  There will be games, a costume competition, and a chance to win mega awesome prizes. 

What's the Word Poster

Learn UpStreet's Verse of the Month for October

Make sure your child get this month's verse sticker for UpStreet’s What’s the Word verse poster. This poster is a fun, engaging way your child can keep God’s wisdom in front of them all year long.

Don't have a poster? Your child can get their poster on UpStreet. Then hang it in their room or another place in your house where your family can encourage one another to learn these verses together. Each month, your child will get a new verse sticker that helps complete the poster over the next 12 months.

By the beginning of next school year, your child can have 12 verses memorized that they will carry with them everywhere they go.

Verse stickers and posters available on UpStreet!

October's Big Idea!

Hey Parents! We know kids can naturally be impulsive and don’t always realize the consequences of their actions until it’s too late. This month we’ll learn about self-control and how God wants us to take a step back and choose how to act!

Kathleen Edelman's book "A Grown Up Guide to Kids' Wiring

A Grown-Up’s Guide to Kids’ Wiring

Make sense of the kids around you.

No matter the age or stage, kids are… hard.

But understanding their wiring might change the way you look at (and speak to) every child that crosses your path from this day forward.

Communication expert Kathleen Edelman has spent three decades helping grown-ups make sense of the kid around them. The result? Better behavior; better relationships. In this book and the six videos that go along with it, she’ll do the same thing for you and the kids in your family, in your classroom, or on your team.