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Thank you for joining us at Woodstock City today.

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We're glad you're here!

Woodstock City Church is a place where your faith can grow. 

Whether you're just checking church out or you're in need of some connection or guidance, we have something for you. 

Stop by the Next Room and say, "I'm here for my gift." Our Next team will hand you your present and you can be on your way - no strings attached. 

If you do have a question about Woodstock City Church, you're in the right spot. Our Next volunteers can help!

Discover is a great next step at Woodstock City Church, especially if you are new.

Join us on Sunday mornings for three weeks to learn about the mission and vision of our church, what we believe about following Jesus, and how we view spiritual growth.


I'm new and want to get connected.

Visit our Next Room. It is located off the rotunda (the room surrounded by windows). 

Our Next volunteers would love to learn more about what you're looking for and suggest a next step. 

If you'd prefer to connect digitally, tell us more about yourself, and we can email you personalized suggestions for your next step. 



You can learn more about: 
- Discover Classes
- Starting Point Groups

... and more!

I want to learn more about Woodstock City.

Join us on Sunday mornings for four weeks for Discover classes. 

Discover is a great next step at Woodstock City Church, especially if you are new. You can learn about: 

  • The mission and vision of Woodstock City Church.
  • What it means to follow Jesus. 
  • How your relationship with God affects your everyday life. 
  • What it means to own your faith. 

After completing Discover, you will have the option to be paired with a ninety-day mentor. Your mentor will support you as you identify your next steps in your relationship with God and here at Woodstock City Church.

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I am going through a hard season and need help.

Life is too tough to face alone. At Woodstock City Church, our Care & Support team can provide you with a plan and the confidence needed to move forward in life.  

Our Care & Support team is located in the Gallery across from the Auditorium. 


Map of Woodstock City Church Interior of building

Map of the Building

We would love to connect with you and suggest your best next step.