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Ways to Provide Help in Ukraine & Other Disasters Around The World

support Relief efforts in Ukraine

Thank you for supporting relief efforts in Ukraine.

You can give directly to trusted organizations that are providing help to those impacted. 

Efforts in Ukraine

convoy of hope logo

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope’s staff and partners are hard at work, providing emergency relief for people in need of relief.

Donate to Relief efforts in Ukraine

International Red Cross

The ICRC is delivering potable water to hospitals and municipalities, supporting health facilities with medicines and equipment, and supporting families with food and hygiene items. 

Efforts in Haiti

Donate to Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope

Provide meals, hygiene items, and sheltering supplies to more than 45 communities across Haiti.


410 bridge logo

410 Bridge

Provide food and temporary shelter, restore water projects, and rebuild schools and churches in the communities throughout Haiti.


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Provide medical supply shipments to equip first responders, partner organizations, local hospitals, and clinics.


Efforts in Afghanistan

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World Help

Give refugees in Afghanistan and other parts of the world the help they need to survive.


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World Relief

Provide immediate and ongoing support for individuals and families where and when they need it most—from Afghan refugees arriving in the U.S. to promoting peace and justice in violence-stricken regions.