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Convoy of Hope offers relief to the people of Puerto Rico after Fiona

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In Puerto Rico

Days after Hurricane Fiona made landfall, more than 40% of Puerto Ricans still don’t have electricity. More than 15% still don’t have running water. Residents continue to dig amid the aftermath of the storm and subsequent flooding.

More that 58,500 meals and 4,500 gallons of water have been distributed to survivors. 

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In Florida

As Hurricane Ian moves across central Florida, Convoy of Hope is reaching out to partners in the area to make sure they are safe and get firsthand reports on the storm.

Convoy of Hope is launching a full-scale response. Relief teams and truckloads of supplies are prepared to arrive in the hardest-hit areas as soon as it is safe to do so.

Stay up-to-date on news of relief efforts in Florida from Convoy of Hope.