Promotion Sunday in Waumba Land

Your child is moving up Sunday, August 4!

mom holding son's hand

Your child is moving up Sunday, August 4!

You'll receive an email and postcard with details soon!

How will I know if my child has a new classroom?

You will receive an email and a postcard with their new classroom information the week before we promote.

Do children of all ages get promoted?

We promote children every August in accordance with the new school year. 

  • Children who turn two by September 1 will be promoted to the next age group, in alignment with when they begin kindergarten. They will move up each year after that. 
  • Toddler-aged children may see a change in classroom beginning in August, depending on their ages. 
  • Younger children will move to different classrooms throughout the year based on when they begin crawling and walking. 
  • Families will be notified of any classroom changes with an email and/or postcard.
What if we choose to wait a year to send our child to kindergarten? Will they remain in the same classroom as the previous year?

We will move your child to a different Pre-K classroom for the coming year.

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