Journey - The Wander Years

Finding Hope in the Desert of Life

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We have started a new message series called, “The Wander Years: Finding Hope in the Desert of Life.” Over the course of this series, our team will be creating videos and resources for our church to engage with together.

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Finishing up our Journey together...

How will you want to remember God's faithfulness?
Wrapping up the wander years finding hope in hopelessness and remembering God video

We all need a guide. Read more, listen and reflect.

article about who our best guide forward is when we face the desert of life

Best Guide Forward

When you're facing a struggle much bigger than yourself, you have to decide who to trust.

Watch and be reminded of who God is and how he can be trusted.
image of God is a way maker song

Sunday's message and discussion questions to think about and talk through with others

Part 2 of The Wander Years Series
photo of gavin adams in wander year series part two finding hope in the desert of life

Eight strategies you can try when you find yourself in a desert season

Principles for surviving in the deser

How Can We Depend On God?

Being stuck in the desert is a frightening experience... 

What if we lean in to wilderness seasons?

Waiting in The Wilderness
video of waiting in the wilderness by cate howard

Last Sunday's message and discussion questions

Part 1 of The Wander Years Series
Finding Hope when feeling hopeless and in a desert. Gavin Video

Learn more about the story of Exodus

Trusting God in a Scary Season
How can your trust God in a scary season?

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