Thank You for Being a Part of Woodstock City

A message from Samer Massad

Thank you from Samer
video of Samer Massad, Lead Pastor, welcoming you and your guests to woodstock city church

From Samer:

I want to thank you for being a part of Woodstock City Church and I want to show you the impact you have when you give here. When you commit to investing in the vision of this church and partner with God in what He’s doing in our community, lives are changed forever.

Thank you for continuing to trust us and helping build a place through which God is rewriting stories, restoring lives, and redeeming hearts.

I am very proud to be a part of this church and it’s thanks to people like you. I can wait to see what lies ahead for us in 2022!

Your generosity makes it possible for us to continue to dream and do even more in 2022. Consider making an end-of-year donation.


woodstock city church 2021 impact report

This past year, we saw a pandemic baby boom, camps full of students worshiping, and the creation of a Sunday environment for JUST our 4th- and 5th- grade kiddos. 

volunteers throwing confetti in upstreet

Elementary Age Kiddos


Tucker Appleton, a 1st- grade boy, along with 16 other elementary-age kiddos, shared their story and got baptized. 

InsideOut Students at Classy Christmas 2021

High School Students


386 students visited InsideOut, our environment for high school students, for the first time. Showing up can be hard in that season, but it is the first step in changing the story each student will tell about their high school years.

transit students singing during worship

Middle School Students


2,231 middle school students attended camps where they experienced belonging and learned more about walking in integrity, following Jesus, being a good friend, living free of shame, and so much more.


College Age Students

The Living Room 

Bailee Horne, a freshman from Dublin, Georgia, along with 350+ other college-age students are experiencing community in this new stage of their lives by joining small groups! 

Be Rich

Through Be Rich, our nonprofit partners have received $8,408,840 and 26,991 hours of your generosity and service. 


Fostering Together

Throughout 2021, on average, Fostering Together supported 60 foster children each month. Support for each foster kid and their families looks like resources, opportunities to have fun together, respite family connection, and supporting mentors.

Celebrating What Happened in 2021!
Be Rich artwork
Fostering Together Logo

Supporting local foster kids and families!

Learn more about what Fostering Together does and how you can get more involved. 

Thank you! 

This is just some of what you made possible. There is so much more: blood drives you gave to, small groups you committed to or made possible, care initiatives providing emotional and financial support that surrounded people you don’t even know.

Thank you for being committed to giving to Woodstock City Church and investing in what God is doing!

giving box inside Woodstock City church

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