InsideOut Grad Getaway

Celebrating our high school seniors!

InsideOut students at Vertical Reality camp

InsideOut is taking our recently-graduated, high school seniors for a quick getaway to celebrate GRADUATION!

We will meet at Woodstock City Church and head off to the cabin together.

There, we will enjoy our meals together, go tubing on the river, have two sessions listening to dynamic speakers, and top the day off with worship!

We will return that same Friday at 9:00 p.m. to Woodstock City Church.

Cost: $15 per student


It’s going to be unforgettable and the perfect way to honor these incredible students together!


General Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before you submit your registration.

1. Media Release: I hereby give my full consent to North Point Ministries, Inc. (NPMI) to photograph and record my student's participation in any NPMI programs or events. Further, I hereby consent and authorize NPMI to use and to authorize others to use said images, videos, and audio recordings for promotional and educational use and for inclusion in NPMI resources, which may be sold. I understand that my student's image may be used, but their name or personal information will never be used for promotional purposes or in for-sale products without additional, separate consent.

2. Discipline: I agree to provide transportation home for my child in the event of a severe disciplinary issue concerning him or her.

3. Illness: In alignment with the Georgia Department of Public Health guidelines, we ask that students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (or any other contagious illness) or under a precautionary quarantine refrain from attending InsideOut Grad Getaway.

4. Transportation: Students are responsible for arriving at the Grad Getaway cabin and their transportation home. IO is not responsible for any harm or accident that may occur before students arrive at the cabin or after they leave. 


Medical Release

I (the undersigned) for the student indicated below, apply to North Point Ministries to participate in the activity described and indicated above ("Activity"). I acknowledge and agree to, and represent, the following for myself and the student, in consideration of the opportunity to be provided by the Church (contingent upon its agreement to my child's and/or my participation).

Acknowledgment of Risks. I acknowledge that participating in the Activity involves risks of serious damage and harm to persons and property, and even death, and I assume those risks, including risks arising from acts or failures to act of the Church.

Information Relied on by Church. I am the parent or legal guardian for the student for whom this document is signed. The student is in good health and sound mind. If necessary, I have discussed or will discuss with my physician the student's participation in the Activity, and the student has received or will receive any vaccination or other recommend prerequisite medical treatment my physician deems necessary. The student will participate in the Activity only if I have received my physician's approval, if I deem it necessary, and believe that the student is able to participate without harm. I acknowledge that the Church will not assess or approve the student's fitness for participation. I am under no force or duress of any kind to compel the student's participation in the Activity or my signing of this document.

Release. THIS DOCUMENT IS INTENDED TO ABSOLVE THE CHURCH OF ANY LIABILITY TO ME OR THE STUDENT THAT IS RELATED TO THE STUDENT'S PARTICIPATION IN THE ACTIVITY. Accordingly, I hereby release the Church from, waive, and will never sue the Church for, any damage (whether damage to or loss of property, finances, life, body, mind, or emotions), cost, suit, demand, claim, or other liability, that arises or is alleged to arise from or in connection with the student's participation in the Activity. Such liability includes any liability that arises or is alleged to arise from the Church's negligence (but not its willful and wanton misconduct). Such liability also includes any liability that arises or is alleged to arise from claims for contribution by another that the student or I have sued or from whom the student or I have received compensation.

Medical Permission. I give my permission for the student to be treated for illness or injury sustained while participating in the Activity, including by the administration of emergency anesthesia or surgery; and authorize the adult leaders of the Activity to act on my behalf in ordering such treatment.

Definitions. (a) References to "me," "my," and "I" shall include and bind the student, my spouse, any parent of the student for whom this document is signed, any guardian or other person with responsibility for the care and supervision of such student, and any insurer, heir, estate, legal representative, executor, administrator, successor, or assign of me or such student. (b) "Participation" or "participating" in the activity includes planning and preparing for, traveling to, and traveling from, as well as participating in, the Activity. (c) The "Church" includes (i) its affiliates, and institutions cooperating in the Activity; (ii) the trustees, elders, deacons, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents of the Church or such affiliate or institution; and (iii) the spouses, insurers, heirs, estates, legal representatives, executors, administrators, successors, estates, and assigns of any of the foregoing.