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When times are tough, it is difficult to know how to navigate your way through. You might feel overwhelmed or confused, and you might need help to determine the best way forward through the fog of your situation. Having a trustworthy guide can be the key to discovering peace and direction in the middle of the storm.

The Focus Mentoring experience is a one-on-one program designed to help you take steps forward during challenging circumstances. The intention is that through the mentoring process, you will be able to assess your needs and be guided into healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual practices. 

The session content is intentionally brief, and it is meant to spark self-reflection that will lead to helpful conversations. The hope is that the mentor’s compassionate and thoughtful interactions will grow your trust in your heavenly Father and improve your ability to cope with your current situations. A personal faith story is not a requirement for Focus Mentoring, but if you are open to faith conversations and willing to explore what God might have to say about what you're facing, this will be encouraging and beneficial.


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God Is Near: Reminders of God's Presence


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