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An online experience designed with your elementary aged student in mind.

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We miss seeing your smiling faces, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on UpStreet!

We are providing an online UpStreet experience for your child each Sunday morning. Follow us @wcupstreet for more kid-friendly ideas and connection!


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Sunday Feature, October 17

Hold Your Tongue
Words have power. They can build someone up or totally tear them down. Self-control means learning when to hold your tongue so you don’t hurt someone. 

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Sunday Feature, October 10

Don’t Blow Your Stack
Sometimes when we’re angry, we do things and say things that can hurt the people around us. Moses learned that the hard way… and ended up with a big consequence. 

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Sunday Feature, October 3

Take a Step Back
Find out how self-control can actually be your strongest weapon with the epic story of David on the run from an angry King!

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Sunday Feature, September 26

Attitude Matters

When it comes to generosity, God says how we give is just as important as what we give.


Little girl watching UpStreet online

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