InsideOut Daytona Fundraising Options

Ideas to fundraise for your trip!

InsideOut Daytona

InsideOut Daytona is right around the corner, and we want to help to make sure you’re able to join us.

We recognize one of the biggest hurdles in coming to Daytona is the cost of the trip, so we want to give you some fundraising ideas to help! The easiest thing you could do to raise money is to ask for donations - but we believe these ideas will give you the opportunity to experience a better version of Daytona. A version where your hard work gives you ownership of the trip and allows you to enjoy Daytona to the full. It won’t be something you just attend, it’ll be YOURS!

Selling Cheesecakes: This takes some skill, but after a little practice, it’s not hard to crank out cheesecakes consistently! If you sell them at $20 a cheesecake, you’ll have $200 after selling 20 of them! You can do any type of bake sale item, but cheesecakes give you the best bang for your buck. 

Here is a link to for an easy recipe!


Social Media Challenges: Everyone loves a good dare. Post a graphic or video on your social media and tell your followers you’ll do a fun (and also safe) challenge for each specific amount donated. Maybe for every $5 donated, you smash an egg on your head. Or for every $15 donated, you’ll eat a spoonful of mayo (gross, but effective). Maybe for $100 you’ll shave your head…get creative!


Collecting Scrap Metal: Right off the bat, this one probably doesn’t sound too fun. But if you take any old metal you, your friends or neighbors have lying around to a junkyard, it could be worth a good bit. The best things to collect are cast iron and copper - they can scrap for up to $7/lb and $3/lb! The biggest things you can look for are old washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and grills. Pipes, cans and extension cords (for the copper inside) can all add up well.


There are plenty of other incredible ideas to raise money, and we hope this just gets the ball rolling! Talk to your small group leader and friends to brainstorm some new ideas, maybe even do some things together as a group. Whatever you decide to do - you’ve got this. We can’t wait to see you with us at InsideOut Daytona!